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IGN placed Metal Warriors at 33 on its top 100 SNES game list, and the game is frequently referred to as a “hidden gem” by Super Nintendo gamers. The game shot up in value around mid-2013 as word began to spread, and it remains a highly sought-after title to this day. There is relatively significant fluctuation on this one based on condition, as it is another of the late-release SNES titles manufactured to lower quality standards in Mexico. However, due to the scarcity 3DS ROMs of the game and growing awareness of the title amongst gamers, a good condition copy of Metal Warriors has perhaps the greatest growth potential of any game on this Top Ten list. As with most of the games on this Top Ten list, time has been rather kind to Super Turrican 2.

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  • It was a considerable success in Japan and some can thank the character designs of Moto Hagi, famous for the Shoujo classic, They Were Eleven.
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Although not one of the most well known or renowned games on the system, it has slowly been growing in popularity due to interest from fans of the run-and-gun genre, as well as working its way onto lists of SNES “hidden gems”. Super Turrican 2 has been on a steady climb in value since 2011, a climb that continues to this day. As more collectors and gamers become aware of this cherry title in an underappreciated franchise, its star is only likely to burn brighter in the coming years. At the time of its release, Earthbound was dismissed by critics.

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The relatively simple graphics failed to impress at a time when flashy pre-rendered graphics and 3D polygonal effects were cutting-edge. The humor of the game and its domestic suburban setting were also not appreciated, weighed down by a marketing campaign that was at-best described as childish and at-worst offensive.

However, in the biggest turnaround in gaming history, as time passed the game’s unique charm, characters and gameplay quirks, as well as its observational, satirical humor started to shine through. The game went from zero to hero in the eyes of SNES gamers, and today Earthbound frequently tops lists of the best SNES games. The “Health Hero” series of edutainment games for Super Nintendo are here with answers to all these questions and more! Back in the mid-90’s, health equipment supplier Raya Sytems aimed to jump on the booming video game bandwagon by publishing a series of health-oriented Super Nintendo games, marketed primarily to healthcare professionals. Ostensibly these games were intended to educate and provide therapy for children suffering from various ailments, and Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus was one of four such games Raya Systems released.

For the home market, Mc O’River only managed to release two SNES games in total, including Aero Fighters, and ultimately they failed to grab 16-bit gamers’ attention. This may explain why the game gained little sales traction at the time of its release, which has led to its subsequent scarcity in the collectors’ market today. Although relatively unknown at the time of release, as with many of the games on this list Metal Warriors has gained a great deal of renown for its high quality in more recent years.