Pourquoi la plupart des femmes souffrent d’insomnie durant leurs règles ?

Why most women suffer from insomnia during menstruation?

66% of women lose sleep during their menstrual cycle each month. This is mainly due to a rapid decline in progesterone, a hormone that has sedative qualities. Several other factors cause insomnia in women during menstruation, such as blood loss, depression, irritability, headaches and abdominal cramps.

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Les troubles du comportement alimentaire génèrent des troubles de sommeil !

Eating disorders generate sleep troubles!

Bulimia or anorexia nervosa significantly interfere with sleep. In fact, most people with eating disorders suffer also from sleep disorders. According to statistics, about one patient (bulimic or anorexic) out of every two at least has sleep disorders.

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La consommation d’alcool aggrave le ronflement !

Drinking Alcohol worsens snoring!

To avoid snoring, do not drink alcohol in the evening, in fact, this substance has a direct depressant effect on the tongue and other muscles of the throat, causing the sagging of tissues, which in turn , aggravates snoring. That is why we snore more after a drunken evening

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Les personnes qui sont déprimées passent plus de temps dans la phase du sommeil paradoxal !

Depressed people spend more time in the phase of REM sleep!

There is a strong correlation between the time span of the REM sleep (the stage in which dreams occur) and the depth of the depression in a person. The more a person spends an abnormally prolonged phase of REM sleep which should represent about 20% of total sleep, the more negative emotions are issued and […]

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