12% de la population rêvent en noir et blanc !

12% of people dream in black and white!

According to a study published in 2008, people aged under 25 reported that they almost never have dreamed in black and white, while those aged over 55 said they dream in black and white about quarter of the time, according to the study, this is due to the television passing programs in black and white.

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Le mammifère qui dort le plus au monde est le koala !

The mammal that sleeps the most in the world is the koala!

The koala sleeps between 18 and 22 hours every day, which makes ​​it the mammal with the longest sleep cycle in the world. Given that its life expectancy is 15 years, this animal spends 12 years of it sleeping. And to top it all, it spends most of its waking hours eating. What an exciting […]

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Le bâillement est très contagieux. Penser au bâillement est suffisant pour le déclencher !

Yawning is contagious. Thinking about this reflex is sufficient to trigger it!

After reading the article’s title, there is 80% of chance that you will yawn too. In reality, this reflex often linked to fatigue, boredom, stress or overwork,is contagious. The mere mention of yawning may be sufficient to cause it. Interestingly, this contagion has also been observed in chimpanzees. However, the real cause of this contagious […]

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Le mammifère qui a le plus court cycle de sommeil est la girafe !

The mammal with the shortest sleep cycle is the giraffe!

Giraffes need less sleep than any other mammal. In fact, they sleep between 10 minutes and 2 hours over a time span of 24 hours which is an average of 1 hour and 9 minutes of sleep a day. Giraffes have adapted themselves to the environment where they live in order to stay awake as […]

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