2.39 a.m.: People who flown out of Japan arrived in the USA

2.39 a.m.: People who flown out of Japan arrived in the USA

Whether it was a man or a woman was initially not disclosed.

The number of cases of infection in South Korea rose by 53 to 104 within one day. 31 new cases were initially reported in the morning. This week alone, more than 70 confirmed infections with the pathogen of the lung disease Covid-19, which first broke out in China, were added in South Korea.

5.29 a.m.: Two passengers of the "Diamond Princess" died

Two passengers infected with the coronavirus disembark from the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" died in Japan. As the Japanese television broadcaster NHK reported, citing government circles in Tokyo, the victims are an 87-year-old Japanese and an 84-year-old Japanese woman. They had tested positive and taken from the ship to the hospital, where they now died. Japan now mourns three fatalities as a result of virus infections in the country. Meanwhile, the disembarkation of the passengers in Yokohama went "Diamond Princess" continue.

Up to the day before, 621 infections had been detected among the people on board the cruise ship. All those affected were taken to hospitals. The disembarkation of around 3,000 people on the ship would take at least until Friday, the government had said.

Wednesday, February 19, 3:59 p.m.: China expels journalists

China expelled three foreign journalists out of anger over a guest commentary on the corona virus. The three reporters from the US newspaper "Wall Street Journal" the press accreditation had been withdrawn, said Foreign Office spokesman Geng Shuang on Wednesday. He condemned the article calling China as "true sick man of asia" is referred to as "racist" and "lurid". The day before, the US government tightened controls on Chinese state media in the US, which Beijing heavily criticized.

Geng criticized at a press conference that the newspaper did not officially support the headline "China is the real sick man of Asia" apologized. Therefore it was decided to withdraw the accreditations of the three journalists.

Dem "Wall Street Journal" Deputy Bureau Chief Josh Chin and reporter Chao Deng, both US citizens, and Australian reporter Philip Wen were ordered to leave the country in five days, according to. All three reporters work in the newspaper’s news section, not the opinion section, which is usually responsible for guest posts.

In the guest post from the beginning of February, the US professor Walter Russell Mead criticized the first reaction of the Chinese leadership to the outbreak of the novel corona virus. The article slanderous "the efforts of the government and the Chinese people to fight the epidemic"said Geng.

5.24 a.m .: Shipping company: "Westerdam"-Passengers tested negative for Corona

With the passengers of the cruise ship still remaining in Cambodia "Westerdam" According to the shipping company, no further infections with the novel corona virus have been detected. The 781 travelers had tested negative, said Holland America Line on Wednesday, citing the Ministry of Health of the Southeast Asian country on Twitter.

Several Asian countries had forbidden the cruise ship to dock out of concern about the possible introduction of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, although no cases were known on board. Not until Cambodia finally agreed.

For a US passenger on the "Westerdam" an infection was surprisingly discovered on the weekend while traveling on to Malaysia. Many of the around 2,300 people on board had already gone ashore. Disembarkation was stopped. Both travelers on board and in a hotel in the capital Phnom Penh were tested. According to the shipping company, 57 German vacationers were also among the group "Westerdam"-Passengers. Some were still waiting to travel home in Cambodia, others are already at home.

5 a.m .: First passengers are allowed "Diamond Princess" leave

After two weeks of quarantine due to the novel corona virus, the first passengers are on board the cruise ship "Diamond Princess" gone to japan. The disembarkation of around 3,000 people on the ship will take at least three days, the government in Tokyo announced. The first group to leave the ship are around 500, primarily older passengers who tested negative for the pathogen and then questioned by doctors on board. The Japanese news agency Kyodo reported that they would be brought to downtown Yokohama or to other train stations in the vicinity of Tokyo’s neighboring metropolis.

Those who tested negative for the virus but had close contact with people who later tested positive must remain on board the ship for observation until further notice. The shipping company will decide when its crew members not affected by the pathogen leave the ship, it said.https://123helpme.me/argumentative-essay/ Buses pulled up in front of the ship.

The number of passengers and crew members tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 had risen to 542 by the day before. All of the victims were taken to local hospitals. In the meantime, all people on board have been tested, it said. Initially, around 3,700 people were on board the "Diamond Princess" found, including ten German nationals. A German couple later tested positive for the pathogen.

Wednesday, February 19, 4 a.m .: Already over 2,000 deaths in China

The number of people who died from the novel coronavirus in China has risen to over 2,000. The health commission in Beijing announced on Wednesday that the death toll had risen by 136 to 2,004 compared to the previous day. The detected infections rose by 1,749 to 74,185 cases. In the particularly badly affected province of Hubei alone, 132 deaths and 1,693 new infections with the lung disease called Covid-19, which is triggered by the virus. Outside of mainland China, five deaths and almost 1,000 infections with the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen have so far been detected, 16 of them in Germany.

February 18, 7.15 p.m.: Russia imposes an entry ban for the Chinese

Russia does not want to allow Chinese citizens to enter the country from Thursday. Russian authorities have announced that these measures will be taken as a prevention against the spread of the corona virus. The entry ban should be limited in time.

2:17 p.m.: More patients in Bavaria discharged healthy from the clinic

Most of the total of 14 people in Bavaria who had been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus since the end of January have now returned to their everyday lives healthy. As the Bavarian Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday, four of those affected are currently still in the hospital. You will be looked after in the Munich Clinic Schwabing and are largely symptom-free. Presumably, they could also leave the hospital soon, it said.

2:14 p.m.: No corona virus among those returning from China in Berlin

No coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 can still be detected in the 20 returnees from China in Berlin. The latest tests for the Covid 19 virus were negative again, said Lena Högemann, spokeswoman for the Senate Department for Health, on Tuesday.

11.20 a.m.: The number of infected people on the cruise ship continues to rise

The number of passengers and crew members of the cruise ship in Japan who tested positive for the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has again increased significantly. As the Japanese Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday, the number increased by 88 to 542 cases. Of the 88 who now tested positive, 65 showed no symptoms such as fever or cough, reported the Japanese TV station NHK, citing the Ministry of Health in Tokyo. All of the victims were taken to local hospitals.

After a two-week quarantine, the first people are expected to disembark on Wednesday "Diamond Princess" in Yokohama. The disembarkation is expected to take until Friday, according to the Ministry of Health.

3.20 a.m.: The epidemic is not expected to stabilize until the end of April

According to a leading Chinese expert, the epidemic with the new lung disease in China may not stabilize until the end of April. "That’s a very rough estimate"said Professor Zhong Nanshan, head of the Chinese government’s expert group.

The outbreak is expected to peak across the country by the end of February. "However, reaching the peak does not mean the turning point", warned the renowned doctor to be careful. However, he said that the radical measures in China to contain the new coronavirus called SARS-CoV-2 were working.

He is expecting the wave of migrant workers to return home after the extended holidays due to the virus for the Chinese New Year "possibly not a big increase". Very strict measures have been taken to control travel flows, Zhong Nanshan said in the video of the conference switch posted on the Internet on Tuesday the previous day.

2.39 a.m.: People flown from Japan arrived in the USA

338 US citizens disembarked from the cruise ship quarantined in Japan due to the coronavirus have arrived in the United States. The first plane with people on board the "Diamond Princess" landed on Monday night (local time) at the Californian air force base Travis, a few hours later the second plane with people who had flown out arrived at the Texas base in San Antonio-Lackland.

According to the US State Department, 14 people who returned home are infected with the novel virus. You were separated from the other passengers in the aircraft. According to US officials, 13 of the 14 infected were identified as "High risk cases" classified. They were flown to a University of Nebraska Medical Center for further testing and treatment.

All people brought back to the USA from aboard the "Diamond Princess" have to spend two weeks in quarantine. Another 40 or so US citizens aboard the cruise ship are currently being treated in Japanese hospitals for an infection with the virus. Among the more than 3,700 people who died with the "Diamond Princess" had traveled to Japan, a total of 454 have now tested positive for the virus.

1.10 a.m.: Hospital director dies of coronavirus in China

For the first time in China, a hospital director fell victim to the new lung disease. Liu Zhiming, the director of the Wuchang Hospital in the metropolis of Wuhan, which has been badly affected by the corona virus, died on Monday, the China News reported on Tuesday. A medical colleague reported that the chief physician was in good health and did not expect that he would die of Covid 19 lung disease. On Friday, a 59-year-old nurse from the same hospital died of lung disease.

In the fight against the SARS-CoV-2 virus, more than 1,700 medical helpers such as doctors and nurses have been infected. At least six helpers had died by the end of last week, as the Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported. 

1 a.m .: 1,886 new diseases, 98 deaths in China

The number of new virus cases in China rose again by 1,886. Another 98 deaths were to be mourned within one day, as the health commission reported in Beijing on Tuesday. The number of detected infections rose to a total of 72,436 cases. A total of 1,868 patients have already died in mainland China from the novel lung disease known as Covid-19. Most of the cases are counted in central China in the severely affected province of Hubei. From the provincial capital Wuhan alone, 1,600 of the newly recorded infections and 72 of the new deaths were reported on Tuesday.

Tuesday, February 18, 1 a.m.: Coronavirus overturns Apple’s sales forecast

Because of the economic consequences of the coronavirus epidemic, Apple has lost its sales forecast for the current quarter. There are delivery bottlenecks for iPhones because production in China is ramping up more slowly than planned, the group announced on Monday. In addition, sales of Apple devices in China itself have recently been subdued, as many stores – including the company’s own stores – were temporarily closed.

For these reasons, Apple will miss the sales forecast for this quarter that was only made at the end of January, it said. With reference to the coronavirus risks, Apple had already specified an unusually wide range of 63 to 67 billion dollars. There was no new prognosis now. The company emphasized that the restrictions on the business were only temporary. In the same quarter of the previous year Apple had generated 58 billion dollars in sales.

The factories of Apple manufacturers such as Foxconn and Pegatron as well as the most important suppliers are located outside the Hubei province, which is particularly affected by the outbreak of the lung disease Covid-19. But in China, the traditional factory holidays for the Chinese New Year have been extended elsewhere in order to avoid spreading. All production plants were running again. But: "The iPhone delivery bottlenecks will temporarily affect sales worldwide." The situation is in a state of flux – and more information on the effects on the Apple business should only be available with the figures for the current quarter in April.

Monday, February 17, 6:29 p.m.: Data indicate a falling trend in corona infections

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the latest data from China indicate a falling trend in new infections. However, the epidemic could still develop in all directions.

3:14 p.m.: Russia: Court forces woman back into quarantine after fleeing

A woman who broke out of the coronavirus quarantine in St. Petersburg in northern Russia was forcibly admitted back to the clinic by a court decision. She was taken against her will by ambulance directly from the courthouse to the isolation ward on Monday, local media reported. The measure was only valid until Wednesday.

The 32-year-old had cracked the electronic lock on a door in the clinic a week and a half ago and fled the building. The chief doctor had then turned on the court. Russian media spoke of an unprecedented decision because no one should be quarantined against their will. Nobody in the courtroom wore a protective mask.

The woman had complained of a sore throat after a trip to China.